Please help us to raise funds for neuroblastoma research by fundraising. A fundraising will be set up for you if you complete the full registration process. If you don’t do the full registration process you can still set up your fundraising page here. To make it quick and easy we suggest you set up a fundraising page under an adults entry. This will avoid the need to sign a consent form which is required when setting up a fundraising page based on a child entrant.

Here is a video which takes you step by step through how to set up a fundraising page and a fundraising team:


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Our Goals

Currently children come second in the world of cancer research – the children affected by neuroblastoma are on average just two years old. They are too little to represent themselves and one in two children diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma will not survive.

We need to change this and we need you to help us raise funds through getting sponsored for the Neuroblastoma Run2Cure.  When you register for the run you will be able to set up your own fundraising page on Every Day Hero (provided you are over 18 years of age) which you can then share with your friends and contacts.

In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, the Neuroblastoma Run2Cure raised a collective $521,965 for our charity partners which included Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, Cancer Council NSW, Kids Cancer Project (2016) and Neuroblastoma Australia. In 2018 we hope to increase this and raise over $200,000 for research – funds in 2018 will go to Children’s Cancer Institute and Neuroblastoma Australia.

Profits from the event are invested in neuroblastoma research projects. Funds which go to Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI) will continue to go to support a very promising drug called CBL137 which is looking effective in treating aggressive neuroblastoma in pre-clinical trials – please watch

Run2Cure supported the first research project completed for CBL137 which involved identifying whether this drug can be effective in treating high-risk neuroblastoma in laboratory models as a single agent, at the next stage this single agent will go to a phase one clinical trial to confirm the acceptable dosage of CBL137 to treat this aggressive cancer in children.

The next research project requires urgent funding. Funds from Run2Cure will help CCI focus on how CBL137 will work in combination with other targeted therapies with the aim that it can be optimised by to treat the cancer cells most effectively but with less damage to healthy cells. CCI has already identified an agent that looks promising in laboratory models combined with CBL137, now this needs to be tested further to understand how it is working, if there are bio-markers that indicate this combination should be effective in particular children and the procedures for monitoring the combination drug usage and effect. Funding for this type of pre-clinical research is essential as often other funding sources focus on capital equipment and infrastructure rather than the senior scientists required to complete this ground-breaking work.

In 2017 research funds also went towards setting up a scholarship between NHMRC and Neuroblastoma Australia to support a research project for aggressive neuroblastoma. This will be to ensure the very best research students in the country are involved in helping us research and ultimately beat neuroblastoma.

For further information on where Run2Cure funds go, visit the Neuroblastoma Australia website.


Our Charity Partner for 2018 – Australia’s leading charity for research into neuroblastoma


Team Casey raised over $10,000 in 2013

Casey and team

How Your Fundraising Helps

Every single dollar raised will make a significant difference by helping to fund our life saving research. 90% of the proceeds raised from the event will go DIRECTLY into neuroblastoma research conducted by Children’s Cancer Institute.

Examples of the difference your funds will make:

Will support the cost of the chemicals, staffing and equipment needed to screen 25 drug compounds which could potentially save a child with neuroblastoma and improve their quality of life.

Will provide six months’ supply of antibody to detect abnormal proteins in tumours so we can find out more about what causes neuroblastoma.

Will help pay for the advanced technology required to examine one neuroblastoma sample. This will give us more information about the disease that we can use to design a treatment.

will fund an innovative drug trial for one child with neuroblastoma and potentially save their life. Trials are essential to boost survival rates.

How will the funds from the 2018 Neuroblastoma Run2Cure Fun Runs and Fun Day be used by our Charity Partner to improve treatment for neuroblastoma?

Children’s Cancer Institute:

The funds raised in Run2Cure have primarily gone to Children’s Cancer Institute to support the pre-clinical research of a very promising drug called CBL1037.


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