Our Goals

Currently, children come second in the world of cancer research – the children affected by neuroblastoma are on average just two years old. They are too little to represent themselves and one in two children diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma will not survive.

We need to change this and we need you to help us raise funds through getting sponsored for the Neuroblastoma Run2Cure. When you register for the run you will be able to set up your own fundraising page on the Run2Cure site managed by Race Roster (provided you are over 18 years of age) which you can then share with your friends and contacts, via facebook, twitter or by email. Our goal in 2019 is to raise $250 000 which will take us to the grand total of $1 million raised by Run2Cure participants.


In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 the Neuroblastoma Run2Cure raised a collective $750,000 for our charity partners which included Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, Cancer Council NSW, Kids Cancer Project (2016) and Neuroblastoma Australia.

In 2019 we hope to reach the $1,000,000 milestone for research.

Profits from the event are invested in neuroblastoma research projects. Funds which go to Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI) will continue to support the development of a drug called CBL137. Funding for this type of pre-clinical research is essential as often other funding sources focus on capital equipment and infrastructure rather than the senior scientists required to complete this ground-breaking work.

Run2Cure supported the first research project completed for CBL137 which involved identifying whether this drug can be effective in treating high-risk neuroblastoma in laboratory models as a single agent.

It has been in a stage 1 adult clinical trial which has shown promising results and low toxicity so the next stage is a paediatric trial. Neuroblastoma Australia has supported another CBL137 research project which is looking at combining CBL137 with another drug to increase its efficacy.

Neuroblastoma Australia has also recently agreed to support researchers at Sydney Children’s Hospital looking at creating a database to collate data on the late affects of childhood cancer treatments.

This is vital to understand the current situation and also for improvements in late affects to be tracked. It is expected that through using less toxic treatments such as CBL 137, there will be reduced late affects. For further information on where Run2Cure funds go, visit the Neuroblastoma Australia website.

Your Fundraising Page

When you register for Run2Cure 2019, a fundraising page is automatically created for you. Your unique link will be emailed to you. We encourage you to personalise your page with a photo and some words about let why you're running.

  1. Go to your unique fundraising page link and sign in to your Race Roster account. You can login to your account and find your fundraising page here.
  2. Click Edit fundraising page below the profile image on the right hand side
  3. In the modal that pops open specify your fundraising goal, write a personal message and upload a photo
  4. Be sure to scroll down and click Save updated fundraising information

You will see buttons for social sharing on the right hand size of your page, simply click to spread the word!

Sharing Your Fundraising Page

Have you shared your Run2Cure Neuroblastoma 2019 fundraising page?

Let your friends and family know that you're raising funds for children with neuroblastoma by sharing your fundraising page on your social media.

It only takes a minute and it's the best way for your friends and family to support your run.

Option 1. Do you have your registration email from the Run2Cure Team handy? Great! Just click on the green button that says Start Fundraising Now.

You'll be taken to your fundraising page and underneath your name will be four icons: * Facebook * Twitter * Email * Copy Link.

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Click on any (or all) of the options, follow the prompts and share away!

Option 2. Don't have your email handy? No trouble. Click More at the top right of the menu bar of this page then Login. You will see a Login Screen. Enter your details. Click on your Run2Cure Page in the top menu.

Click Menu on the top bar. See your personal fundraising page? Great. Now click on the social media buttons under your name and share.

Need help? Email us on info@nb.org.au

As a THANK YOU we have fantastic prizes starting when you raise as little as $50 for research. See them here.

All donations over $2 to Neuroblastoma Australia are tax deductible.

Fundraising Rewards & Prizes

We have fabulous rewards for those runners who reach the following fundraising milestones, starting at just $50.

How Your Fundraising Helps

Every single dollar raised will make a significant difference.

Examples of the difference your funds will make


Will support the cost of the chemicals, staffing and equipment needed to screen 25 drug compounds which could potentially save a child with neuroblastoma and improve their quality of life.


Will provide six months’ supply of antibody to detect abnormal proteins in tumours so we can find out more about what causes neuroblastoma.


Will help pay for the advanced technology required to examine one neuroblastoma sample. This will give us more information about the disease that we can use to design a treatment.


Will fund an innovative drug trial for one child with neuroblastoma and potentially save their life. Trials are essential to boost survival rates.

How We're Going So Far

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