Neuroblastoma claims more lives of children under the age of five than any other cancer. We need to improve treatments so they are more effective and less toxic and the way to do this is through research.

Our Goals

Currently, children come second in the world of cancer research – the children affected by neuroblastoma are on average just two years old. They are too little to represent themselves.

One in two children diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma will not survive.

We need to change this and we need your help.

When you register for the run you will be able to set up your own fundraising page on Go Fundraise (provided you are over 18 years of age) which you can then share with your friends and contacts, via facebook, twitter or by email.

Our goal in 2020 is to raise $250 000.

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Since 2014, the Neuroblastoma Run2Cure events have collectively raised over $1 million for research into better, kinder and more effective treatments for this devastating children's cancer.

We have funded projects from leading research institutions such as The Children’s Cancer Institute, Cancer Council NSW, The Kids Cancer Centre and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Visit our current projects or past projects pages on our website to discover how your generosity is helping to bring us closer to a cure.

Your Fundraising Page

When you register for Run2Cure 2020, a fundraising page is automatically created for you.

Your unique link will be emailed to you. Just follow the prompts or watch our video below to add an image and get started!

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Sharing Your Fundraising Page

Have you shared your Run2Cure Neuroblastoma 2020 fundraising page?

Let your friends and family know that you're raising funds for children with neuroblastoma by sharing your fundraising page on your social media.

It only takes a minute and it's the best way for your friends and family to support your run.

Fundraising Rewards & Prizes

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We have fabulous rewards for those runners who choose to make a difference - our first prize of a Run2Cure Stojo collapsible coffee cup (worth $25) is yours when you reach just $50.

We will also do a shout out on Facebook to everyone who reaches $300 AND we will mark their names on our Honour Board in recognition of this wonderful achievement.

Note: Run2Cure Local fundraising prizes

We offer prizes in recognition of the work involved with fundraising however we understand that some of our generous supporters would prefer not to receive these prizes.

This year we will offer everyone the choice, so if you want, you can choose to donate what you've earned back to the charity to help with future fundraisers.

More information on fundraising milestones can be found here.

Our top fundraisers

How Your Fundraising Helps

Every single dollar raised will make a significant difference.

Examples of the difference your funds will make


Will support the cost of the chemicals, staffing and equipment needed to screen 25 drug compounds which could potentially save a child with neuroblastoma and improve their quality of life.


Will provide six months’ supply of antibody to detect abnormal proteins in tumours so we can find out more about what causes neuroblastoma.


Will help pay for the advanced technology required to examine one neuroblastoma sample. This will give us more information about the disease that we can use to design a treatment.


Will fund an innovative drug trial for one child with neuroblastoma and potentially save their life. Trials are essential to boost survival rates.