We have fabulous rewards for those runners who reach the following fundraising milestones, starting at just $50!
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Fundraisers are limited to ONE set of milestone prizes and can not qualify for multiple prizes. This means if you raise $1000, you'll qualify for:

  • the $50 prize,
  • then the $100 prize,
  • then the $300 shout out on our Honour Board,
  • then the $500 prize and
  • then the $1000 prize.

You'll only receive each prize once.

Prizes can be collected on the day from the Neuroblastoma Australia Run2Cure stand with one exception: the 50% off Run2Cure Neuroblastoma ticket vouchers will be emailed out.

Raise $50

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Raise $100

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Raise $500

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Raise $1000

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