Two weeks after her first birthday Indianna stopped eating.

Suspecting a urinary tract infection, parents Rebecca and Chris wasted no time getting her to their local hospital.

A speedy transfer to Westmead Children’s Hospital followed and not long after, the heartbreaking news.

It was July 2017 and one year old Indianna had a 15cm tumour. After a MIBG scan, the doctors confirmed that this bright little girl had Neuroblastoma Mync Amplified – the most aggressive type of Neuroblastoma.

Indianna and her family embarked on the only treatment available: a gruelling chemotherapy regime. After five rounds of chemotherapy the tumour had been significantly reduced and during a marathon 16 hour surgery, it was successfully removed.

The family had no time to rest, as Indianna spent seven days in ICU before bravely enduring another round of chemotherapy in preparation for a necessary Bone Marrow Transplant.

Only five short days from the transplant, the family were dealt another blow. A CT scan revealed that the tumour had not only grown back but was also appearing in different places. As of February 2018, the family are waiting for the results of her latest scans to reveal the extent of the tumours so they can devise a new treatment plan.

Indianna continues to battle the unwanted side effects of the chemotherapy which means she now requires hearing aids and constant monitoring of her kidneys. It has only been a few months since Indianna’s diagnosis and the family has been through so much, yet Rebecca, Chris and Indianna are looking to the future.

With the support of their friends and family, this brave family aims to participate in Run2Cure on Sunday, 3 June 2018 to raise funds for research into better treatments for children affected by Neuroblastoma.

You can support them too.

Update: Very sadly Indianna passed away on 6 April, 2018.