Unlike many newborns, Huon Gordon May was actually a happy and content sleeper. But then his demeanour changed. Suddenly, he became clingy, unsettled and a very noisy sleeper.

Obviously concerned, Huey’s mother Jill took him to numerous health professionals and doctors before finally given a referral to see a paediatrician. It was there that a mass was detected on his neck and 10-week old Huey was diagnosed with Stage 4S Neuroblastoma. The primary 5cm tumour was impeding his breathing, and then quickly spread to Huey’s liver – causing it to swell to 5x its normal size.

Huey was in enormous amounts of pain and discomfort as the tumour pushed his organs down to his groin and there was a real risk of liver failure.

At just 11 weeks of age, Huey began his first of 8 rounds of chemotherapy. He also received countless blood transfusions to help him get through the treatment.

After the 8th round of chemo, Huey had an MRI scan which showed that he unfortunately still has tumour cells encasing his carotid artery – which is an inoperable area. Although his liver has returned to its normal size, there are still spots of Neuroblastoma, which – due to the highly sensitive area – also cannot be removed.

Jill, family and Huey’s team of doctors are currently monitoring Huey’s catecholamine levels monthly and he’s having a scan every 3 months to ensure the cancer doesn’t re-spread.

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