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These are the faces of some of the brave little superheroes taking on neuroblastoma. They need your help to raise as much as possible to help find a cure for the biggest cause of cancer deaths in children under 2.

Each year we have the chance to meet some of little superheroes taking on Neuroblastoma with great courage.... here are the stories of our formidable Run2Cure 2019 superheroes.


This sunny little 3-year-old, has recently completed a gruelling 20 months of treatment which included a total of 289 days in hospital.

‘Words cannot describe the amount of love that we have for our amazing little man. Always a cheeky smile on his face,’ Nixon’s mum Tameka.



In a matter of weeks Saskia went from a happy healthy 22-month-old toddler to one who was gravely ill. Her family's neuroblastoma journey can only be described as physically and emotionally exhausting with more than 140 nights in hospital in 2018 and many short- and long-term side effects from the treatment.

‘We have a new appreciation of the spirit of our daughter, and all small children with cancer, particularly their resilience and ability to approach each day anew.’ Saskia’s dad Duane.

Adrian 4


After being diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in 2012, Adrian has endured six years of treatment with a determination that has made his parents Bernadette and Nick incredibly proud.

‘I can see Adrian one day being amazing. I just want him to be happy.’ Adrian’s mum Bernadette.



This gorgeous little girl was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma when she was just four years old.

“We realise that although we’ve been through a great deal, we are one of the lucky ones to have our beautiful daughter here with us.” Kitty’s mum Karen.



Just before Penny turned one, her life and the lives of her family changed forever when a slow growing tumour enclaving Penny’s aorta and close to her spinal canal was discovered.

‘Such a beautiful smile and cheeky sense of humour hides a story of trauma, tears and immense pain.’ Penny’s mum Bronya.

Img 1165


Everything changed in an instant for the Haddin family when they paid a visit to the doctor with one-year-old daughter Mia.

'Still in shock that my child had cancer, I found myself hoping and praying that it was the 'good' kind.' Mia's mum Karina